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Innovative Learning for a Better Future

Our mission is to care for the emotional, cognitive, social and physical health of your child while simultaneously allowing, encouraging, and orchestrating their creativity in a quality learning environment.

STEM Preschool Teachers have been guided through Conscious Discipline courses. Conscious Discipline utilizes everyday events to cultivate emotional intelligence through a self-regulation program that integrates social-emotional learning and a kind and nurturing approach to behavior management. 

Our integrated STEM Preschool Curriculum will take children, parents and teachers on an educational joy ride that will inspire a love for STEM throughout their entire lives. Bi-weekly STEM themed lesson plans, ranging from the life cycle of water to robotics are tailored for children of all ages. Children sing & dance, read, participate in arts & crafts, sensory activities, write, learn Spanish and more at STEM Preschool. 



3120  South Abingdon Street

Arlington, VA 22206

Tel: 703-639-4601

Capitol Hill 

770 Pennsylvania Avenue

S.E. Washington, DC 20003    


Tel:​ 202-900-3390

Cabin John Potomac -

11325 Seven Locks Road

Potomac, Maryland 20854

Tel: 301-291-7701









We Are Open and Enrolling!


7:45am-6pm - Capitol Hill

7:30am-6pm - Arlington, Virginia

7:30am-6pm - Cabin John Potomac

*Childcare subsidies/vouchers accepted.

Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star

My daughter has been attending STEM Preschool since January 2021, and initially I was nervous to leave her with someone outside of family for a full day (both my husband and I work full time).

I am so happy to have found the staff and teachers at STEM because they have been so invested in her happiness and her growth. Before she went here, she was shy and was a little behind in her word milestones, but very quickly she has not only caught up, but is exceeding our expectations in both loquaciousness and extroversion. I believe this is from the encouragement and engagement of the teachers and staff at STEM.

Additionally, I really appreciate the hours that STEM is open, as it was hard to find a "full time" care that met our needs. Great program, great staff!

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