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Our Philosophy

STEM Preschool believes that “team work makes the dream work” and encourages a team centered learning experience that includes parents, educators, and the budding young scientists and creatives, your child. Our mission is to care for the emotional, cognitive, social and physical health of your child while simultaneously allowing, encouraging, and orchestrating their creativity in a quality learning environment.

Innovative Lessons

Our goal is to lay a solid foundation of learning via lab-structured activities in the academic areas: of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. A major part of our preschool’s unique structure is the omission of structured classrooms. We have opted for rotating lab style learning that is stimulating and captivating for preschool aged children. The labs your child(ren) will explore are: Earth, physical science, chemistry, technology, math, music, engineering, and language. Within their individual classrooms your child will explore a variety of lessons, which include: English, spelling, arts, foreign language, healthy social and emotional environments, health and wellness, fine and gross motor skills. 

Our Teachers

Our teachers have professional training in preschool and STEM education. From attending STEM Fairs to professional development SPS teachers will ensure lesson plans are creative, innovative, and educational. Nurturing, patient, intelligent, and vibrant personalities will lead your child in a world-wind of fun, educational, and interactive units. 

Our Community

STEM Preschool is a welcoming, educational, open-communication, and energetic environment. Our playground consists of an area to play while building social skills. We love to take walks around the neighborhood while learning about nature. Our Science Lab allows for children to explore their creative minds while learning the building blocks of early education in their classrooms. Throughout the year we have many school events where parents are welcome and encouraged to attend! 


Actively keeping parents involved in their child's day at school is extremely important to us. STEM Preschool uses Brightwheel to log meals, diaper changing, rest/sleep times, activities, and more! Everyday parents receive an informative summary of their child's engaging day. In addition, payment and school communication are convenient via the Brightwheel portal! 

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Every entrance is secured at STEM Preschool with school access only available to teachers/staff and parents. Cameras are located in every classroom and main entry doors. Parents also have access to their child's classroom camera to watch their child in real time. 

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