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6 weeks -12months

Personal and Attentive

Infant Childcare

Our nurturing teachers will develop an authentic relationship with your child, providing expert observance of their developmental needs.


Schedules are tailored and personalized for each child. Throughout the day children nap, eat, read, play, go for walks, play outside, sing songs, participate in age appropriate arts and crafts, and learning activities. 


Application Fee:

Please complete your application form located to the right. It is a requirement for each student to complete the application form and submit the $75 non-refundable application fee via PayPal before registering.

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Virtual Tour: 

Please contact us to receive our virtual tour packet. 

Registration Fee: 

A one time non-refundable fee of $325 is due when your child has been offered a spot at SPS. In addition, half of your child's first month's tuition (non-refundable) is due when fully enrolled. 

Waitlist Policy: 

Your $75 application fee will hold a spot for your child on the wait-list if space in the requested classroom is unavailable. You will be notified once a spot is available for your child.

Tuition and Fees Schedule: 

$2446.25 / Month 

Parents are to provide:


  • food & milk daily

  • crib sheets

  • diapers & wipes 

  • change of clothes

*Childcare subsidies/vouchers accepted.

Safety is Priority:

  • All nursery staff are required to participate in SIDS training. 

  • All babies are placed on their back to sleep.

  • When infants are napping, teachers are always checking on them visually and with active listening. 

  • Disinfecting toys occurs daily. 

  • Staff wear dedicated shoes or shoe covers to decrease spread of germs. 

  • 1:3 Ratio to ensure attentive quality care. 


* Tuition is subject to change with reasonable notice. 


Developmental Areas 

Language and Literacy Development

  • Early attempts at speaking

  • Understanding sounds/words by engaging and listening. 

  • Using sounds, gestures, and sign language to express needs, wants and interests. 

Social and Emotional Development

  • Interacting with other children. 

  • Forming bonds with familiar adults.  

  • Expressing emotions through facial expressions and sounds. 

  • Noticing ones self in the mirror. 

Gross Motor Skill Development

  • Physical milestones as crawling, rolling over, holding head up, pulling up to a standing position. 

  • Reaching for and grasping objects. 

  • Self eating and trying new foods.  

  • Express feelings through movement.

  • Experimenting with instruments. 

  • Exploring a variety of textures. 

Cognitive Development

  • Exploring environments with all 5 senses. 

  • Distinguishing between familiar and unfamiliar things. 

  • Copying positive actions of others. 

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